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High nickel alloy pipes are a special type of pipe that are designed to resist corrosion or oxidation. These pipes are made from a blend of several metals, which can include nickel, chromium, molybdenum, and other elements. Because of their superior strength and durability, these pipes are ideal for chemical industry applications in which extreme temperatures or corrosive fluids must be handled. Let’s take a look at what makes Nickel Alloy Pipe so special.

High Nickel Alloy Pipes offer superior corrosion resistance due to the presence of high concentrations of nickel and molybdenum. This combination helps protect against various chemical reactions that could cause degradation over time. Furthermore, these pipes can withstand extreme temperatures without losing their structural integrity. This makes them ideal for use in industrial processes where temperatures may vary drastically during operation. Nickel Alloy Pipe Suppliers play a crucial role in providing durable and corrosion-resistant pipes made of nickel alloys to industries that require high-performance piping solutions.


High Nickel Alloy Pipes

In addition to their temperature and corrosion resistance properties, these pipes also offer excellent weldability due to the presence of low levels of carbon in the metal composition. This means that they can be easily joined together using welding techniques without compromising the quality or strength of the joints. As such, they are often used in large-scale construction projects or in industries where frequent maintenance is required on metal components.


Nickel Pipe Price


The Nickel Pipe Price can vary depending on factors such as the nickel content, pipe size, wall thickness, and the pricing strategy. The average price of nickel pipe ranged from $10 to $50 per pound. However, prices can fluctuate based on market demand and supply conditions.


Finally, because high nickel alloy pipes have a low thermal expansion rate compared to other metals, they have excellent dimensional stability when exposed to different temperature conditions. This ensures that your piping system remains secure over time even when exposed to rapid changes in temperature or pressure.

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The first step in finding suitable Nickel Alloy Pipe Suppliers is understanding what kind of pipes you need. You should be able to provide detailed specifications such as diameter, wall thickness, length, and material grade when requesting quotes from potential suppliers. Knowing your exact needs helps narrow down the list of potential suppliers and allows you to focus on the best ones that meet all your requirements.


Nickel Alloy Pipe Specification
When it comes to selecting the right nickel alloy pipe for your project, there are several things to consider. First off, you need to decide on the size of the pipe – this will determine how much water or other material can flow through it at any given time. You’ll also want to think about the thickness of the walls – thicker walls will be more durable but may also increase the cost of your project. You’ll want to select an appropriate grade depending on the temperature range in which your pipe will operate – higher grades tend to be more expensive but provide superior performance in extreme temperatures.

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High Nickel Alloy Pipes are used in a variety of industries including chemical processing, oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation & aerospace. They are particularly useful in applications where resistance to corrosion & high temperatures are critical.

The advantages of using High Nickel Alloy Pipes include high resistance to corrosion & oxidation, excellent strength & durability & excellent thermal conductivity. They are also resistant to a wide range of chemicals & can withstand high-temperature environments.

The standard specifications for High Nickel Alloy Pipes vary depending on the specific alloy & its intended application. Some common specifications include ASTM B161, ASTM B163, ASTM B165 and ASTM B725.

Specification of High Nickel Alloy Pipes

SpecificationASTM B167, B517 / ASME SB167, SB517   
Size5.0 mm – 1219.2 mm
Outside Diameter6.00 mm OD up to 914.4 mm OD, Sizes up to 24” NB available Ex-stock, OD Size Nickel Pipes available Ex-stock
FinishPolished, AP (Annealed & Pickled), BA (Bright & Annealed), MF
Thickness Range0.3mm – 50 mm, SCH 5, SCH10, SCH 40, SCH 80, SCH 80S, SCH 160, SCH XXS, SCH XS
TypeSeamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated / CDW
FormRound Pipes/Tubes, Square Pipes/Tubes, Rectangular Pipe/Tubes, Coiled Tubes, “U” Shape, Pan Cake Coils, Hydraulic Tubes
LengthSingle Random, Double Random & Required Length End: Plain End, Beveled End, Treaded
End ProtectionPlastic Caps
Surface Finish2B, No.4, No.1, No.8 Mirror Finish for Nickel Pipes, Finish as per customer Requirements
Delivery ConditionAnnealed and Pickled, Polished, Bright Annealed, Cold Drawn
ScheduleSCH5, SCH10, SCH40, STD, SCH80, SCH160
Pipe EndPlain End, Beveled End, Treaded.

Specialized In Following Types Of High Nickel Alloy Pipes

Check ASME SB167 Monel Pipes, B517 Inconel Pipes dimensions and thickness chart, SB167 Pipes and Hastelloy Industrial Pipes price per meter in India

Square bar

Square Pipes

Incoloy Pipe
Hastelloy Pipe
Monel Round Pipes
Inconel Pipes
AISI Pipes
Alloy 20 Round Pipe
Monel Square Pipe
Inconel Rectangular Pipe
ASTM B517 Nickel Pipes
ASME SB517 Incoloy Pipes

Flat Bars

Round Pipe

Nickel Pipe
Inconel Pipe
Hastelloy Round Pipes
Incoloy Pipes
AISI Pipes
Incoloy Round Pipe
Alloy 20 Square Pipe
Incoloy Rectangular Pipe
ASTM B167 Inconel Pipes
ASME SB167 Monel Pipes

Hex Bars

Rectangular Pipes

Incoloy Pipe
Alloy 20 Pipe
Inconel Round Pipes
Nickel Pipes
AISI Pipes
Incoloy Round Pipes
Monel Incoloy Square Pipe
Inconel Rectangular Pipe
ASTM B517 Hastelloy Pipes
ASME B517 Incoloy Pipes

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