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Navrang Steel provides a useful and highly accessible metal weight calculator for valuable customers who need steel, aluminium, copper, brass, etc. It can use a formula based on the type of material shape. 

Weight=π×(Outer Diameter2−Inner Diameter2)×Length×Density

Customers can enter dimensions and choose from materials such as Steel, aluminium, Stainless Steel, nickel, copper and brass. Some shapes are round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, sheet, plate, tubular, ring and pipe. The calculator gives weight values in pounds and kilograms to cater to units such as inches, feet, yards, millimetres, centimetres, and meters. This tool eases ordering materials and helps plan to achieve accurate weights in any project.

Enter value, select units and click on calculate. Result will be displayed.

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How do I use the metal weight calculator?


To use the calculator, simply input the dimensions (length, width, thickness) of the metal object in the designated fields. Then, select the type of metal from the dropdown menu. Finally, click on the “Calculate” button to obtain the estimated weight.

What types of metals can I calculate the weight of using this calculator?


This calculator supports a variety of metals, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze, among others. Users can select the specific metal they are working with from the dropdown menu.

What units of measurement does the calculator support?


The calculator supports both metric (millimeters, centimeters, kilograms) and imperial (inches, feet, pounds) units of measurement. You can choose the units that are most convenient for you.

Is the calculated weight accurate?


The calculated weight is an estimation based on the dimensions provided and the density of the selected metal. While it provides a close approximation, factors such as surface finish and manufacturing tolerances may affect the actual weight.

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