All You Need To Know About Nickel 200-201 Round Bar

nickel 200-201 round bar

Nickel is one of the most versatile elements used in the manufacturing and producing various industrial products. Specifically, the Nickel 200-201 round bar has gained popularity due to its exceptional properties that make it suitable for various applications. From pharmaceuticals to aerospace industries, this material has become standard for many critical applications. However, understanding this material’s characteristics, benefits, and applications can be overwhelming, especially for starters. This blog post will provide all the information you need about the Nickel 200-201 round bar.

What is a nickel 200-201 round bar?

Nickel 200-201 Round Bar is an alloy of nickel containing 99.6% to 99.9% pure nickel; it also adds manganese and copper, giving it greater strength and superior corrosion resistance. This round bar has excellent cold working characteristics, making it an attractive option for machining operations such as thread rolling, spinning, or bending. It also offers good weldability and formability due to its low hardness levels across various temperatures. Furthermore, thanks to its outstanding mechanical properties and corrosion-resistant characteristics, Nickel 200-201 Round Bar can be used in diverse applications requiring durability, including chemical processing equipment, fasteners & parts for the marine industry.

Properties of Nickel 200-201 round bar

Nickel 200-201 round bar is an unalloyed, commercially pure nickel with unique characteristics such as high thermal and electrical conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance, low gas content, and exceptional mechanical properties. Due to its purity, this material offers high resistance to caustic alkalis, reducing agents, and acids. It can also withstand extreme temperatures ranging from cryogenic to high temperatures.

Applications of Nickel 200-201 round bar

Nickel 200-201 round bar finds applications in different industries, including aerospace, chemical processing, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical. In the aerospace and aviation industries, Nickel 200-201 round bar is used in manufacturing components for engines, landing gears, and airframe structures. In the chemical industry, it is used to manufacture reaction vessels, heat exchangers, and pipelines. In the pharmaceutical industry, this material is utilized for manufacturing medical equipment and surgical devices.

Advantages of Nickel 200-201 round bar

The primary advantages of using Nickel 200-201 round bar include its high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, and low cost. The nickel 200-201 round bar provides excellent tensile strength, allowing it to withstand stress and strain, making it ideal for high-performance applications. It is also flexible and can easily form into different shapes and structures. Additionally, the material has low gas content, making it highly suitable for vacuum applications.

Machining and Fabrication of Nickel 200-201 round bar

Nickel 200-201 round bars can be machined and fabricated using conventional drilling, turning, milling, and sawing methods. It is advisable to use high-speed steel or carbide tools when machining this metal. The material is not hardened through heat treatment but can be cold-worked to increase strength and hardness. Nickel round bar welding is also possible using welding techniques such as TIG, MIG, and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW).

Selection of Nickel 200-201 round bar

When selecting a Nickel 200-201 round bar, consider factors such as the application, operating environment, and temperature. The diameter and length of the bar also depend on where and how the material will be used. You should choose the right alloy grade and size to ensure optimal performance and longevity.


Nickel 200-201 round bar is a versatile metal that has revolutionized the manufacturing and production of various high-performance applications. It has become increasingly popular due to its unique properties, high resistance to corrosion, and low cost. Understanding the applications, advantages, and properties of Nickel 200-201 round bar is essential for anyone considering utilizing the material in their industrial application. This blog post has given you the information to make informed decisions when selecting a Nickel 200-201 round bar.