Inconel 800-800h-800ht Plates Properties, Characteristics, And Applications

Inconel 800-800h-800ht Plates

Have you ever heard of Inconel? You have a good chance if you work in an industry that demands high-temperature and corrosion-resistant materials. Inconel is a name for a series of high-performance alloys used in extreme environments. One such alloy from the Inconel family is Inconel 800-800h-800ht. In this blog post, we will closely examine Inconel 800-800h-800ht plates, their properties, characteristics, and applications.

What is Inconel 800-800h-800ht Plates?

Inconel 800-800h-800ht Plates are a family of nickel-chromium alloys typically used for high-temperature applications. This series offers excellent oxidation and carburization resistance and good strength, superior creep and stress rupture properties at temperatures above 1200°F (649°C). Even in highly acidic environments, it has excellent corrosion and heat resistance, making it suitable for extreme environments such as those found in aerospace components. Inconel 800-800h-800ht Plates is also strong enough to handle pressures up to 80,000 psi without becoming brittle or cracking, making it perfect for heavy load applications.


Inconel 800-800h-800ht plates are nickel-chromium alloys commonly used in industries that require materials resistant to heat, corrosion, and pressure. These plates have excellent high-temperature strength and are used in applications that require service temperatures up to 1100°C. They are also resistant to oxidation, nitriding, and carburizing atmospheres. The plates have a 7.94 g/cm3 density and a melting point of 1399-1427°C.


Aside from its physical properties, Inconel 800-800h-800ht plates have several characteristics that make them ideal for use in various industries. These plates have excellent thermal stability and can maintain their strength even when exposed to high temperatures for prolonged periods. They are also highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion, making them ideal for harsh environments. Additionally, Inconel 800-800h-800ht plates are highly malleable and easily formed into complex shapes.


Inconel 800-800h-800ht plates are used in various industries, including the petrochemical, aerospace, and nuclear industries. These plates are commonly used in heat exchangers, furnace equipment, and gas turbine components. They are also used in chemical processing equipment, steam generators, and nuclear reactor parts. Because of their excellent corrosion resistance, Inconel 800-800h-800ht plates are ideal for use in highly corrosive environments, such as marine applications.


Inconel 800-800h-800h plates are versatile materials with several properties and characteristics that make them ideal for various applications. They can withstand extreme temperatures, pressures and harsh environments. Inconel 800-800h-800ht plates are widely used in various industries that demand high-performance and resistance materials. With their excellent properties and characteristics, Inconel 800-800h-800ht plates play an important role in helping industries meet technological and engineering challenges.