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Incoloy 800 Round Bars

When it comes to high temperature applications, choosing the right material is crucial. It not only determines how well your equipment will perform, but it also affects the safety of your operations. This is where Incoloy 800 Round Bars come in. Inconel Alloy 800 Round Bars are specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures, making Incoloy 800 Bar a top choice in various industries such as aerospace, power generation, and chemical processing.


We’ll discuss what makes Incoloy 800 Rods the ultimate choice for high temperature applications. We’ll draw from our years of experience in the industry to give you a comprehensive guide on this in-demand alloy.


Inconel 800 is resistant to oxidation

One of the main characteristics of Inconel 800 Round Bar is its resistance to oxidation. When exposed to high temperatures, most metals tend to corrode, leading to a gradual deterioration of the material. Inconel 800, on the other hand, forms a thin, protective oxide layer when heated, which prevents further oxidation. This makes UNS N08800 Bar ideal for applications such as furnace components, heat exchangers, and steam generators.


Inconel 800 has excellent mechanical properties

Inconel 800 has impressive mechanical properties, which make it resistant to deformation and cracking. It has a high tensile strength, excellent creep and rupture strength, and good fatigue resistance. These qualities are essential in high temperature environments where equipment is subjected to constant stress and strain. Nickel 800 Round Bars are commonly used in gas turbine engines, where the material is subjected to high-pressure and high-temperature conditions.


Inconel 800 is highly corrosion-resistant

In addition to its ability to resist oxidation, Inconel 800 is highly resistant to corrosion. This is due to its high nickel content, which makes it resistant to acidic and alkaline environments. This property makes Inconel 800 ideal for use in chemical processing and nuclear applications.


Inconel 800 is versatile

Inconel 800 is a versatile alloy that can be used in a variety of applications. Besides high-temperature applications, Incoloy 800 Rod is also used in the aerospace and marine industries. Incoloy 800 Round Bar is often used in exhaust systems, turbine seals, and heat exchangers.


Inconel 800 round bars are readily available

ASTM B408 UNS N08800 Rod is widely available, making it easy to find the alloy in the form you need. This is because Inconel 800 is a popular alloy due to its exceptional properties and versatility. Inconel 601 Round Bars, Stainless Steel 304 Seamless Pipes and many more grades are also available.

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Incoloy 800H Round Bars

When it comes to high-temperature applications, selecting the right material is essential for ensuring optimum performance, reliability, and safety. Incoloy 800H is a nickel-chromium alloy which is best suited for use in such environments. And when you need a product that provides exceptional strength and enhanced resistance to oxidation or carburization, Incoloy 800H Round Bars are one of the most popular choices. Different types of products are available, such as Duplex Steel S31803 Welded Tubes, Super Duplex Steel S32750 Seamless Tubes, etc.


This comprehensive guide will give you an in-depth understanding of Alloy 800H Round Bars, its key properties, benefits, and applications. You’ll also learn about the different manufacturing processes involved, and things to consider while choosing and working with Incoloy 800H.


Properties of Incoloy 800H Round Bars

Incoloy 800H is an iron-nickel-chromium alloy that contains a high percentage of nickel and chromium. Incoloy 800H Round Bar offers superior resistance to high temperatures, oxidation, carburization, and sulfidation. Moreover, its exceptional mechanical properties allow it to withstand severe environmental conditions such as corrosion, cracking, and deformation.


Nickel Alloy 800H Round Bar also offers excellent creep resistance, which makes it ideal for use in high-temperature applications such as chemical processing, power plants, aerospace, and nuclear industries. Its unique composition ensures that the bar doesn’t fail under extreme circumstances, thereby ensuring long-lasting durability.


Manufacturing Process of Incoloy 800H Round Bars

The manufacturing process used to produce Nickel Alloy 800H Rod is essential in determining its quality, strength, and performance. Different processes exist for manufacturing round bars, such as hot rolling, cold drawing, and centerless grinding. The hot rolling process involves heating the metal material to high temperatures and transferring it through a series of rollers. It’s a popular process used to produce large-diameter Inconel Alloy 800H Round Bars. Cold drawing, on the other hand, is a method used to produce smaller diameters and requires multiple passes through dies of different sizes. Centerless grinding, as the name suggests, involves grinding the surface of the bar with a rotating abrasive wheel until it reaches the desired tolerance.


Benefits of Incoloy 800H Round Bars

One of the primary benefits of Nickel Alloy 800H Rod is their exceptional performance in high-temperature environments. The alloy possesses high strength and toughness, making it resistant to cracking, deformation, and other thermally induced damage. Moreover, it offers superior corrosion resistance in acidic environments, especially in sulfuric acid.


Incoloy 800H round bars also provide excellent oxidation resistance, which helps maintain the bar’s surface appearance and prolongs its lifespan. Another benefit is that it’s relatively easy to machine compared to other alloys, which ensures simple and quick fabrication, even in complex shapes and sizes.

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Applications of Incoloy 800H Round Bars

Incoloy 800H round bars are widely used in various industries, particularly those operating in extreme environments. They are commonly used in chemical processing, power generation, aerospace, and nuclear industries, where high temperatures, pressure, and corrosive environments are present. Incoloy 800H round bars find applications in heat exchangers, furnaces, petrochemical processing plants, and many others.


Moreover, its high-temperature properties make it ideal for use in high-temperature burners, muffles and retorts in gas turbines, and aircraft jet engines.


Incoloy 800HT Round Bars

The demand for materials that can withstand high-temperature environments has increased for a long time as technology continues to advance, and industries develop more effective ways of handling harsh conditions. In the petroleum, chemical processing, and nuclear industries, Incoloy 800HT Round Bars have become popular for their exceptional strength, durability, and reliability in high-temperature applications. This page provides insightful information about Incoloy 800HT round bars: their composition, properties, and applications.


Incoloy 800HT is a type of austenitic nickel-iron-chromium alloy with a high nickel content that increases its resistance to oxidizing substances and corrosion. The alloy also contains small amounts of copper, titanium, and molybdenum that add to its overall strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. In addition, the Alloy 800HT Rods can withstand temperatures of up to 1000°C, making them an ideal choice for high-temperature environments.


The unique composition of Alloy 800HT Bar makes them particularly suitable for high-temperature applications such as furnace muffles, heat treatment equipment, petrochemical and chemical processing equipment, heat exchangers, and power generation plants, among others. The Inconel 800HT Bar is resistant to stress corrosion cracking, cracking, and pitting, and also exhibits excellent creep-rupture strength and dimensional stability.


Inconel 800HT Rod is available in different sizes and grades, depending on the application. Common grades of Alloy 800ht Rod include ASTM B408 UNS N08811, DIN 1.4959, and BS 3076 NA15. Additionally, the bars can be machined, welded, and forged using standard techniques, making them suitable for customizing designs and shapes.


The mechanical properties of Incoloy 800HT make it a durable and reliable material for use in high-temperature environments. Its elongation at break is greater than 40%, which means it is highly ductile. The ultimate tensile strength of Incoloy 800HT round bars ranges from 450 MPa to 699 MPa, making it immune to creep deformation at high temperatures. Moreover, its thermal expansion coefficient ranges from 13.72 to 13.84, which means that it expands uniformly under heating.


Incoloy 800 Round Bars can operate up to a maximum temperature of around 982°C (1800°F) in oxidizing environments and 871°C (1600°F) in reducing environments.

Incoloy 800H Round Bars are typically used in high-temperature applications such as furnace components, petrochemical process equipment & heat exchangers.

Incoloy 800HT Round Bars are available in common sizes ranging from 6mm to 250mm & lengths of up to 6 meters.

Specification of Incoloy 800 Round Bars

StandardASTM B408, ASTM B408, AMS 5513, AMS 5511, AMS 5647
Round bar sizeDiameter: 3-~800mm
Hex Bar size2-100mm A/F
Flat bar sizeThickness: 2 -100mm
Width: 10 to 500mm
Square bar size4 to 100mm
Angle bar size 3mm*20mm*20mm~12mm*100mm*100mm
Rectangular Bars Section3.0 to 12.0mm thickness
Channel Bar Size80 x 40mm to 150 x 75mm section; 5.0 to 6.0mm thickness
Hollow Bar Size32mm OD x 16mm ID to 250mm OD x 200mm ID)
Billet Size1/2 to 495mm Diameter
Rectangular Size33 x 30mm to 295 x 1066mm
Hex Bars FinishCold (bright) drawn, centreless ground, hot rolled, smooth turned, peeled, slit rolled edge, hot rolled annealed, Rough Turned, Bright, Polish, Grinding, Centreless Ground & Black
Hollow Bar ToleranceH8, H9, H10, H11, H12, H13K9, K10, K11, K12 or as per clients’ requirements
T-Bar SurfaceBright, Hot Rolled Pickled, Cold Drawn, Sand Blasting Finished, Polished, Hairline
Flat Bars ConditionHardened & tempered, annealed
Cold Rolled Bar TechniqueHot Rolled, Cold Drawn, Cold Rolled, Forged Round Bar, Rod
Rod ProcessingBar cutting to 650mm
Rounds Bar FormRound, Rod, T-Bar, Channel Bar, Precision Ground Bar, Flat Bar, Square, Blocks, Round Rod, Rings, Hollow, Triangle, Rectangle, Hex (A/F), Threaded, Half Round Bar, Profiles, Billet, Ingot, I/H Bar, Forging etc.

Incoloy 800H Round Bars Equivalent Grades

UNS Designation & International Equialent for Incoloy 800H Round Bars
Incoloy 800N088001.4876NCF800X10NiCrAlTi32-21Z10NC32-21
Incoloy 800hN088101.4958NCF 800HX5NiCrAlTi31-20Z8NC33-21
Incoloy 800htN088111.4959NCF 800HTX8NiCrAlTi32-21Z8NC33-21

Incoloy 800HT Round Bars Chemical Composition

Incoloy 8000.1 max1.5 max1 max19-230.015 max30-350.75 max
Incoloy 800h0.05-0.11.5 max1 max19-230.015 max30-350.75 max
Incoloy 800ht0.06-0.11.5 max1 max19-230.015 max30-350.75 max

Incoloy 800 Round Bars Mechanical Properties

Grade Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Incoloy 800/800h 450 min 170 min. 30%
Incoloy 800ht 450 min 170 min. 30%

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Application of Incoloy 800 Round Bars


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